About EndowHomes

  • Tenet Artist Impression
    Tenet Artist Impression

EndowHomes strives to focus on your property investment goal, understand your objective, elevate your family lifestyle and achieve financial freedom! EndowHomes believes in delivering service excellence, reliability, and professionalism in everything we do to offer the best assistance to our clients.

Real estate makes up one of the largest asset classes* (other than financial instruments, oil, gold, crypto and others). There is a difference between using a house for home or investment. Apart from letting your property be a home, EndowHomes aims to guide you step by step how you can use property as an investment tool.


Why EndowHomes?

EndowHomes collects ZERO commission and service fees from buyers when you purchase a new launch project.

EndowHomes also offers a wide range of services: 

  • Provide latest project updates and information developers
  • Advise on mortgage and how you can leverage on various bank loan
  • Timeline planning for selling and/or buying
  • Methods to achieve second or multiple properties
  • Risk analysis within your property portfolio and restructure plans
  • Asset planning in line with your needs and goals